5 SIMPLE Ways to Organize Desk Clutter

To start reducing clutter, put a trash or recycling bin near or under your desk. You should toss out items when you see them, instead of letting them pile up for days. The longer you let clutter pile up, the more likely you will become a clutter habit.

Vertical file holders

Vertical file holders are a great way to store papers and keep your desk clutter-free. They can hold files, papers and notebooks and are sleek and stylish. Many come with labels to make them even more functional. You can also use them to organize your mail and other paper supplies.

Metal wall organizers

A simple way to organize a desk cutter is to use wall file organizers. This type of desk cutter organizer can help you keep track of important files and maximize your workspace. Wall file holders can be hung in a horizontal or vertical configuration, and are great for putting paperwork in separate compartments based on date, priority level, and job title. Many wall file organizers are designed to fit standard-size file folders, but you can also find ones with pockets of varying capacity and sizes.

If you’re looking for a stylish way to organize your desk cutter, you can opt for an organizer with magnetic strips. These organizers can save you valuable desk space while providing ample storage space for metal objects. They can hold anything from paper clips to scissors. They also make it easier to find everything that you need. You can also opt for a single tray design that is perfect for storing your paperwork. This type of desk cutter organizer is designed to look elegant, with minimal dust gathering.

Using a monitor arm

Using a monitor arm to organize desk clutter can be a great way to keep everything in one spot. A monitor arm can be attached to a desk easily using an Allen wrench and VESA plate. This allows you to make adjustments quickly and easily. It also ensures that your monitor stays safe.

In order to mount your monitor arm, you must first measure the height of your screen. Then, mark the mounting plate’s holes and drill them. You can then use a screwdriver or hammer to insert the plugs into the wall. Once you’ve finished installing the clamp, attach the monitor arm to it.

Monitor arms can help prevent eye strain and neck/back pain caused by computer use. They also help to save desk space under your monitor. Moreover, they allow you to adjust the monitor’s angle and height to achieve a comfortable viewing position. When used correctly, monitor arms will allow you to easily adjust your monitor’s position to match your body’s height and posture.

Monitor arms are designed to fit most desk sizes and configurations. A desk mounted arm is the easiest to install. Most desk mount arms secure themselves to your desk using desk clamps or grommets. Before purchasing a monitor arm, take measurements of your workspace. Then, select a monitor arm with the appropriate pole length.

Using a utensil tray

When you have a small desk and want to organize it, you can use a utensil tray. These are inexpensive, durable and can save you space. You can place a few of these on a desk shelf or in a drawer. These trays can also be used for your office supplies. For example, you can use a tray to store your stapler. Another great option is a pull-out shelf for your printer. This will make it easy to turn items around to get what you need.

If you are organizing your desk drawer, it might be easier to use a drawer organizer. These organizers help you place your scissors and other utensils in a centralized place. They also save time. You can get a Wayfair Basics organizer for $14, and it has over 3,800 positive reviews. Bed Bath and Beyond also has a wide range of drawer organizers to fit different-sized drawers.

The stainless steel utensil tray is made of durable stainless steel, and features a three-section divider. It features a non-slip base and is available in seven different colors. This handy utensil organizer is also functional in your bathroom, office space, art studio, and other environments. The modern look will add a touch of class to your home or office.

Using binder clips

If you’re looking for a quick way to organize desk clutter, you can try using binder clips. These little devices are made of three pieces that you can clip to paper, tablecloths, and even other objects. Made from annealed spring steel, these little clips are resilient, flexible, and have a high yield strength. This allows them to hold multiple pages in place while cutting them out.

You can purchase different size binder clips for different needs. There are small, medium, and large ones. Each one holds approximately 0.375″ of material. There are also mini clips that hold about 0.25″ of material. You can buy a large binder clip if you need more capacity, or a small one if you only need one or two clips for a small stack of papers.

Binder clips are also useful for corralling USB cables. Several clips can be used to hold different sizes of cords, including headphones and power cords. The clips keep the cords level with the surface. They are perfect for power cords and other essential cables. You can also use a desk organizer to store cords and keep them organized. To use binder clips, simply mount them on a thin edge of the desk.

Paper clips are also helpful for keeping loose pages together. Many papers become scattered and lost. Binder clips and paper clips help you keep them together, allowing you to easily reposition and rearrange them. You can buy various sizes, from mini to jumbo, and even choose ones with nonskid bottoms, which prevents papers from sliding out.

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