Best Monthly Dog Box Subscriptions

Dog subscription boxes are a great way to keep your dog entertained and stimulated. Dogs are like people, with likes and dislikes and when they are not entertained, they become bored and may even show negative behavior. Dogs were originally bred to work, so they need to be stimulated on a daily basis. As pampered pooches, they often have extra energy, and dog subscription boxes allow you to provide them with something to entertain themselves.


BarkBox offers a variety of monthly subscription boxes for dogs of all sizes, ages, and dietary needs. Each box contains several toys and treats, and the price range is between $5 and $20. Subscriptions are usually sent out within the first two weeks of the month and ship free of charge for deliveries within the continental US. BarkBox also offers two different subscription plans: one that is priced at $35 per box and offers twice as many toys as the regular box.

Each box includes at least two toys, treats, and chews for your dog to chew on. BarkBox also includes an additional chew for destructive dogs. The monthly dog box subscription service also allows you to customize your dog’s subscription and add more items to your box if you would like. Each BarkBox also includes a few useful items for training your pup.

BarkBox is also environmentally friendly. All of their products are corn, wheat, and soy free. That makes them ideal for dogs with allergies. What’s more, 10% of profits are donated to animal shelters. This makes BarkBox an ideal monthly dog box subscription for people with busy schedules or who are unable to visit a pet store regularly.

The monthly subscription box also comes with a bandana, toys, and treats. Each box also includes free shipping within the continental U.S. Dogs get bored with the same old stuff, so BarkBox includes items that will help keep them stimulated. A content dog is a happy dog.

Dog subscription boxes can be affordable and inclusive, and they can also target specific types and ages of dogs. Some boxes feature only toys, while others include snacks and treats. Some companies offer subscription boxes only for specific types of dog products, such as Dog Treater and Bullymake.


Chewy is a monthly dog box subscription service that offers a variety of toys and treats for your pooch. Each box is themed and includes a special treat and toy. The company also donates a portion of every purchase to a local animal shelter or dog rescue organization. In addition to the dog toys and treats, you can also choose from different treats and grooming tools.

Dog subscription services are a great way to keep your pet entertained and well fed. You can choose a monthly theme for your box, or pick a variety of products that will appeal to your dog’s particular interests. These monthly boxes contain all-natural dog treats and toys, and you can also customize the toys and treats for your pooch based on size and chewing style.

If you are looking for a monthly dog box subscription that doesn’t require you to buy a lot of items, consider Chewy. This company is one of the most popular in the United States, and they offer a variety of options for different dog breeds. They offer small, medium, and large boxes, and you can even choose the frequency of delivery.

Unlike many other dog subscription services, Chewy is also affordable, and there’s no contract. All you need to do is sign up for their auto-ship program, and they’ll send you a box every month or two! There’s also a quarterly option available. Chewy also offers discounts on individual products. Chewy offers a 40 percent discount for first auto-ship orders and five percent off of repeat deliveries.

There are several subscription options available, including membership. Some subscriptions offer free shipping, double referral rewards, eco-friendly shipping materials, and other benefits. They have two different types of boxes, and each box contains a variety of toys, chews, and treats for your pooch. The company even provides a feeding guide to help you prepare healthy meals for your pooch.

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