Closet Top Shelf Organization Ideas

If you have space in your closet, you can use a hat rack or a display shelf to store your clothing. You can also create zones within your closet with shelves and bins. To create extra space, you can also add a dresser and display shelves.

Creating zones in your closet

When you are trying to organize a closet, you should create different zones to separate specific items. This will allow you to find items quickly and make the most of space. You can also use this concept for reach-in closets. You can separate your clothing into sections and set aside certain areas for shoes, handbags, and other items. Then, you can put everything in its proper place and not have to worry about wading through a pile of clothes.

When organizing your closet, you should first determine what type of items will be stored in each zone. You can use closet rod organizers and drawer dividers to separate items by category. For instance, if you frequently wear sweaters, you can place them in the “shorts” section. For the bulkier items, you can put them in a “long” area.

Another great way to create zones is to install an extendable rail. These rails are very inexpensive and are available at many home improvement stores. You can also buy inexpensive extendable rails online.

Adding shelving

Adding shelving to the top of a closet is a simple DIY project that will add storage space to your closet. You’ll need to measure the area where you want the new shelves to go and cut the 1x2s and plywood accordingly. Once you’ve cut the plywood, mark the center of the shelves with a square, and drill 1-5/8-inch screws into the supports.

Cut 1×2 or 1×3-inch pieces of wood to the desired depth and width. Use a miter box to make the cuts. Place the end pieces on the shelf. Next, cut a back piece of the same dimension. Be sure to align the edges of the back piece and the edge of the shelf.

Adding shelving to a closet top is a great way to get organized! It can give you extra space for hanging clothes, cubbies, or other items. Depending on your preferences, you can also choose colors and other features to make the space more functional. There are many options to choose from and each one has its own style and approach. You can use your closet space to create a personalized design, but don’t feel limited by the basic options.

If you want to maximize the space available in the recessed area of your closet, wire shelving may be the way to go. These shelves come in various widths and can be cut to fit your space. Then, you can mount them with plastic clips or end mounting brackets.

Using bins

You can use bins to organize your closet on top shelves in a variety of ways. These containers can be visible or hidden, and they are available in different sizes. Some are lidded, while others are unlidded. A lidded bin is preferable for keeping certain items secure.

Using bins as closet top shelf organization is a great way to organize your closet without spending a fortune. You can also create cubbies on the shelves to separate different items. This way, you can keep large towels and hand towels separated, and different types of bedding and linens separate. It will also prevent things from falling over.

Clear plastic shoebox containers are another great option for top shelf storage. They can be used to store office supplies and craft supplies. You can even use them to store your wrapping paper. Before buying the bins, make sure to measure the roll of wrapping paper so that you can cut the bottom seam. Single pockets on the containers are also helpful for storing tape, scissors, and ribbon. Empty tea tins are also great for storing office supplies and junk drawer items. You can even stack several of them side by side.

Using bins as closet top shelf organization is a great solution if you’re short on money but want to create more usable space in your closet. It can help keep your closet organized and help you gain control over your wardrobe. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and doesn’t require too much of your time.

Adding slide out baskets

A closet top shelf organization idea that you can incorporate into your home is a simple way to add additional storage space. Many people do not consider the back of their closets a good use of space. These breathable fabric bins can be great for storing seasonal clothing and other items that need to be dust-free. These bins come with attached lids and clear windows, and they are small enough to fit on a standard shelf or even on the floor. They can even be collapsed for easy storage when not in use.

Another home organization solution that is inexpensive and convenient is adding pull-out wire baskets to your closet. These baskets are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes. The wire slats allow air to circulate around the items you store inside. Also, you can purchase basket liners to keep items from falling through the wire slats. These organizers are great for pantries, mudrooms, and bedroom closets.

Another closet top shelf organization idea is to add a Lazy Susan. This organizer is great for organizing items that are hard to reach. It can expand up to eight pounds and can accommodate a variety of items, from sneakers to purses. A Lazy Susan can also be helpful for organizing items that are stacked high and require a lot of time to reach. These shelves are available at The Container Store and are great for maximizing closet storage space. Some shoe organizers even have bars that can flip up for extra space, which can be useful for accommodating all sizes of shoes.

Adding lighting

Adding lighting to closet top shelf organization ideas can be tricky if you’re working in a dark space. Luckily, there are practical solutions that can help. You can install recessed LED strips, which can light up individual shelves. These lights are also energy efficient. You can also use LED rope lights wrapped around hanging racks or attached to the underside of closet rods.

Adding lights to closet shelves not only makes the room appear larger, but they also make it easier to see items. Closet lighting can make it easier to distinguish between different colors and make your clothes easier to identify. It also gives a glamorous look to your closet, as you can easily see each garment and hanger.

If you’re looking to add lighting to your closet, you should know that the quality and style of light can vary widely. Some come with LED bulbs, while others have other bulbs. LED bulbs are energy-efficient and long-lasting. And since they won’t produce heat, they’re safer to use than fluorescent bulbs, which can release mercury if accidentally broken.


One of the best organization ideas for high-up storage in the closet is labeling. This will allow you to locate items in a quick manner. Organization stores sell hanger organizers that are great for labeling groupings of items. Another great idea is to use multicolor hangers with labels attached to each. Using this method, you can label groupings of clothing by color or material.

Another great organization idea is to use dividers to separate clothing. These dividers can be used to separate clothing by color, size, and season. They are also handy for keeping hangers together. This is a great way to organize your closet without having to spend much money. You can even use luggage tags to organize your closet.

Another closet organization idea is to label bins for easy access. This will help you identify the contents of each bin and return it to the shelf it belongs in. This idea is especially useful if you have multiple bins in one closet. By labeling the bins, you can easily grab them when you need to do a little cleaning.

Creating zones

When you are organizing your closet, it’s best to create zones for different categories. These zones should be at eye level so you can easily reach them. It is also helpful to have extra storage spaces for larger or bulkier items. Also, make sure that the shelves for your shoes are at eye level so you can easily grab them.

Creating zones in your closet is easy to do, even if you only have a small closet. You can use a simple basket or a full closet organizer, such as a pants rack or shelves. This will help you separate clothes into sections and put them away. This will save you from wading through piles of clothes in order to find what you need.

Another way to create zones in your closet is to label them. For example, you can label your main closet as the “warm” zone, and use the “hot” zone to store the clothes you’re most likely to wear. Likewise, you can make sure your dresser drawers open easily, so that they are easier to access and return to.

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