Closet Top Shelf Organization Ideas

Organization experts suggest labeling each group of hanging clothes to make it easier to find individual items. Using multicolor hangers for groupings also helps. You can purchase these at organization stores. Also, turn all hangers in your closet the other way each time you wear a particular item. This will help you easily determine which items you should cut out of the closet.

Creating zones in your closet

One of the best ways to maximize the space in a closet is by creating zones. Creating separate areas for each type of clothing can make the closet more efficient and make the space more manageable. Creating separate areas for your pants, coats, and shoes can make it much easier to find and organize the items you need. This will also make it easier to find and put away each type of clothing when you need to do laundry.

Another closet organization idea is to add hooks. They will help you save space on shelves and can be used to store bulkier items. Another great way to organize your closet is to group items by category. For example, you can place extra toiletries on one shelf, while cleaning supplies should be stored in another.

Zones are also beneficial in your kitchen. When you are cooking or cleaning, you may have a large quantity of dishes or glassware. You may want to place those near the refrigerator or dishwasher to make cleanup easier. In addition, you can use a specific zone for each type of cookware. Similarly, you could place your glasses, dishes, and cutlery close to the sink. And, if you’re using your kitchen for meal prep, put all the spices and other items you use frequently close to the stove.

Using containers makes it easier to find an item without having to dig through a bunch of stuff. It also adds aesthetic value to your closet. Baskets have a fresh, earthy look, and many of them are made of sustainable plant materials. The best part is that you can find a basket in a variety of colors and designs, and they can also make your closet look more modern.

Adding shelves

Adding shelves to your closet can be a great way to maximize space and add additional storage space. You can use a variety of materials, such as 1×2 boards and plywood, and you can make them fit snugly on the supports. You may need to use additional fasteners, such as nails, to secure the shelves to the support boards. Be sure to use nails that are short enough so that they don’t pop through the bottom of the support boards.

First, measure the walls for the placement of the shelves. Mark each stud with a level. This will give you a guideline to help you install the shelves. Next, buy finger joint boards (one-inch-by-two-inch construction-glue-backed). Lay the boards under the guideline and install them to the studs with screws. Make sure to pre-drill the holes so that they won’t split during installation.

If you’re working with a small space, you can purchase melamine shelves at a big box store. They are available in various sizes and colors. Typically, they come in 24″, 36″, 48″ and 72″ wide. You’ll need a circular saw to cut these boards, but you can also use a miter saw to make them straight.

Another way to add shelves to a closet is to use plywood. You can buy this material online, or at your local home improvement store. Both materials will work well. You’ll need a miter saw, a level, and a nail gun. First, cut two pieces of plywood into a long rectangular board. Make sure that the plywood boards are perfectly level. Then, use the screws and nails to attach them to the studs. After the plywood is level, you can then install the horizontal shelves.

Organizing small accessories

When you have a closet with an open top shelf, there are many different ways to organize your small accessories. One option is to use an accessory hanger. These are useful for storing small accessories such as scarves and hats. They are made with 11 heavy-duty hooks with non-slip rubber coatings.

Another option is to use bins or baskets to store small articles of clothing. This will make it easier for you to pull out an entire bin if you are looking for a particular item. Bins are also great for storing off-season clothing. These containers will encourage you to return the items to their designated spots.

Adding drawers

The first step in this closet top shelf organization idea is to build the supports. You’ll need a frame for the shelf and a sheet of plywood. Place the supports six feet from the ground. Then, cut the plywood pieces to fit the space. You’ll need approximately 12 in. of space between the two supports and three inches for the drawers. You can add a wood veneer strips to the plywood layers, if desired.

Then, cut four eight-inch-square cover pieces for the bottom drawers and one nine-inch-square cover piece for the top drawer. The front drawer cover for the upper drawer must be one inch taller than the front cover of the lower drawers. You can also buy a solid wood front cover and paint or polyurethane it to match the shelves. You can also use a Kreg Jig to drill pocket holes on the front cover board.

Now, you can add shelving to your closet. You can choose to use simple floating shelves or add a rack shelving unit that is also useful for hanging clothes. You can also add boxes or baskets to organize things on the shelves. You can also add a pegboard or a wire mesh frame to organize your jewelry.

Adding drawers to a closet is a fantastic way to stay organized and free up space in your bedroom. You can even order custom closet drawers to fit your space. You can also use dividers and trays inside of the drawers. These small drawers can also be used to store undergarments or socks.

Adding dividers

Adding dividers to a closet’s top shelf is a great way to organize items and keep them from getting mixed up. These dividers can be purchased in different sizes and shapes, and are easily moveable without damaging the shelves. They are also inexpensive, and will give your closet the order it needs. You can purchase these dividers from stores such as The Container Store.

Adding dividers to a shelf will help you maximize limited space. Not only will they make folding and stacking clothes easier, but they will also make your shelves look cleaner. Plus, they will prevent clothing piles from toppling over. If you use a closet with narrow top shelves, you can use dividers in the middle to organize items.

Using a set of dividers will help you organize your clothes by size and color. You can also label them with your closet organization system. Adding dividers will also help you keep your hangers grouped together. This will make it easy to put away clean laundry.

Acrylic shelf dividers are an excellent solution for separating seasonal clothing. These dividers are clear, and allow you to see what’s on each shelf. They are an innovative organizing system that can keep your closet neat and organized.

Adding lighting

Adding lighting to your closet can make it easier to see the items you want to place on the top shelves. Often, closets do not have windows, but you can find creative ways to provide light within the space. Recessed lighting is one option, as it can provide individual lighting to each shelf. Other options include using LED rope lights that can be wrapped around your hanging racks or attached to the underside of your rods.

Using lighting in your closet will also improve the ambiance and appearance of the space. Good lighting will help you see the colors more easily and make the space seem more spacious. A strategically placed LED light will complement other lighting features and add a sophisticated feel to the space. Another way to improve your closet’s ambiance is to consider the color of your closet. Dark colors tend to accentuate shadows and make the space feel cramped. Choose light colors for a brighter feel.

Adding lighting is one of the easiest ways to increase the visibility of items stored on top shelves. If you have a closet with limited space, you can install track or ribbon lighting that doesn’t take up too much room. These lighting solutions can be easily installed under your shelves or along the walls. You can even keep the overhead lights on a dimmer to give you the best flexibility.

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