Condominiums in Singapore – The Different Categories

A Singapore condominium or ‘condo' in short, is just a complex project in which individual units can be bought. When you buy a unit in a condo, you've got individual ownership of what within the walls of their unit. 

At exactly the same period, you have shared ownership with other owners of the common property like the lifts, clubhouse, swimming pool, gym, tennis courts, as well as other health spa facilities.

A condo is just one of the most usual types of housing in Singapore. But perhaps not all condominiums in Singapore are the same. There is a vast variety of solutions to focus on different market segments of buyers. To know about the best condominiums in Singapore you can visit

Singapore condo

In the end, there's the luxury type of condominiums that focus on people who have very deep pockets. They interest exceptionally complicated and discerning buyers who are not merely seeking to get home but exclusive lifestyle notions that fit their own status.

Programmers of luxury condos free with no effort to make sure the homeowners will benefit from the finest caliber in terms of finishing, and fittings. Recently some even engage the help of well-known architects to create distinctive architectural layouts and motifs that bring up the uniqueness of their projects.

Afterward, there are condominiums owned by the mid-tier variety. All these are usually located near the city fringes, in most areas such as Newton Novena and Tanjong Rhu. These projects are popular due to their close proximity to this city center where the enterprise and entertainment hubs are and also the entire facilities they provide. They also come with various kinds of themes that are attractive to successful professionals.

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