How to Increase Website Traffic – Part 1 – Getting Started

increase website traffic

How to Increase Website Traffic – Part 1 – Getting Started

In this article I am going to talk about why it is important to increase website traffic. What quality traffic actually means and why it is a necessity. There are many ways to drive traffic to your website but the following free and paid methods to increase website traffic.

One way to increase website traffic that works very well is to drive targeted traffic to your web pages by using pay per click advertising. This will bring the right visitors to your page at the right time in order to convert them into paying customers or leads. You need to be very careful with the audience you choose for this type of PPC advertising. The right visitors for this type of advertising are called qualified visitors.

Other free ways to increase website traffic include writing lots of articles and submitting them to directories, participating in forums and blogs, social bookmarking and press releases. These all cost you absolutely nothing but there are only a limited number of ways that you can use them to get listed in the search engines. Most of these methods are useful for getting your site noticed in directories but most of them have limited potential for increasing your rankings in the search engines.

The only paid method I am going to discuss here is to build a mailing list. It is not easy but if you spend a little time doing some simple things like creating free newsletters and giving away free reports you can build a very large list of targeted subscribers. This is the most important free way to increase website traffic because once you have a subscriber you need to keep in contact with them until they decide to join your list. The reason it is so important to have a good mailing list is that this is one of the only free ways to increase your rank in the major search engines.

There are many companies that specialize in paid advertising. One of the best is called Google AdWords and if you sign up for their free account you will be able to test their tracking software that shows you how many click throughs you will get from sponsored listings on your website. If you want to retarget your audience and drive traffic to your website, you will find that the paid advertising campaigns by Google are by far the best.

Remember if you want to increase website traffic you need to build a targeted list of subscribers who will be interested in the content on your website. You can do this by building a newsletter subscription and you can also use a free listing tool like the one Google does called Adwords and see how you can get your website listed in the search engines. Remember if you really want to drive traffic to your website you will need to find free ways to increase your rankings in the search engines so that you will be seen by more people and you will get more click throughs and sign ups to your list.