How to Store Jeans in a Small Closet

Storing your jeans can be a difficult task. There are several ways to store jeans efficiently. One way is by folding them. Another is by stacking them vertically. Alternatively, you can hang them from hangers or use boot hanger clips.

Using a hanger

One way to maximize closet space is to use multiple hangers for your jeans. You can fold them in half, or use a waterfall hanger to store multiple pairs at once. The trick is to maximize the space in every part of your closet, and this is especially true for small closets. You can put your clothing on upper shelves, and you can always use a step stool to reach things that are on lower shelves.

When using hangers, it is important to avoid placing jeans too tightly side by side. There should be enough space between each stack, and if possible, consider using shelf dividers to separate them. Stacking your pants too high is a bad idea, and it’s best to limit stacks to five pairs at a time. Also, avoid hanging jeans from S-hooks, as this could tear the belt loops.

Another good reason to use a hanger to store jeans in crowded closets is to prevent the dye from bleeding. Bleeding colors happens when two surfaces rub against each other, or if one fabric absorbs the color from another. This is especially true if you store several pairs of jeans side by side in one closet.

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