Turnt Up Breaking News Mobile Android App Is The Best Politics New App

Turnt Up Breaking News Mobile Android App Is The Best Politics New App

The news cycle never sleeps, so staying up to date on politics can be a bit of a challenge. Luckily, smartphones have a number of tools that can help you keep up with the latest headlines. These apps can save you from having to open too many web tabs, and they can also help ensure that you get a curated feed of stories that actually interest you.

You probably already have a news app on your phone (and if not, you should). Google News is a popular choice that lets you personalize what it displays by following topics, news sources, and even individual journalists. You can also rate articles with a thumbs up or down, and you can save searches and stories that you’re interested in.

Another option is News Break, which aims to surface breaking news specific to your location. It also uses machine learning to prioritize stories based on how much of an impact they may have on you, and you can adjust how much the app notifies you.

NBC News has an official app that lets you follow the latest developments from your favorite news shows in one place, including Nightly News, Today, MSNBC, Morning Joe and Rachel Maddow. It’s free to download and works on iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Flipboard is a news aggregator that prioritizes topics and creates mini-magazine issues that are customized for you based on those interests. You can also add your own news sources to the mix. It’s free to use, although there are ads.

Political junkies can get a little tired of the slew of fake news on Facebook, but there’s an easy solution: NewsBreak is an alternative that curates trustworthy articles and allows you to filter based on which newsrooms you want to see. The app is free to download, though it does have ads.

If you’re looking for more in-depth coverage, the AP app provides extensive background on political issues that are trending. It’s available for iOS, Android and Apple TV. It’s a good way to stay current on important government discussions, ongoing rumors and party agendas. Another great option for keeping up with Capitol Hill happenings is Congress+, which comes in both a free and a paid version. It offers a wealth of information, including the official THOMAS database and bills being considered in Congress. It also reveals which parties donors, employees and board members belong to.

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