What Is An Anonymous Proxy Server?


What Is An Anonymous Proxy Server?

There have been plenty of claims made about the benefits of proxies. It is commonly stated that using proxies helps to hide your identity and location. The use of proxies can also be used to access restricted sites and even secure sites. However, do these benefits really make sense? Is there any truth to the claims?

Anonymous proxies There are several advantages of anonymous proxies. These anonymous proxy servers will only forward the requested page back to you even if it already knows your internet connection or IP address. As you might have already guessed, whenever you request a site, you send out your IP address and the location in which you wish to visit that particular site. This way, your target site can easily discern that you are on there to visit, and not some anonymous proxy server which is simply testing your luck.

Proxies do not distinguish between HTTP and HTTPS requests. So, when you go to a site which does support one protocol but not the other, your proxy will always use the HTTP protocol. The only time your proxy works on HTTPS requests is when it is connecting to a site which uses a httpserver for the purpose of securing its pages. For example, if you request a Google search via HTTP, your proxy would use the https instead of the http protocol. In fact, nobody would know that you were conducting a search unless you tell them specifically.

However, this feature alone does not give you complete anonymity. Why? Because there are other aspects of anonymous proxies that you should be aware of. Any site or resource which contains identifying information, such as a user name or an IP address, are automatically flagged by your computer’s browser and are given a ‘fatal error’. This is because it recognizes a domain name or IP and considers it as a link to an unidentified user or server.

With this in mind, web masters will often use anonymous proxies which do contain the identifying information. The problem with this is however, that if your IP or name is known by the site you’re visiting, you will then have your browsing sessions hounded by numerous web masters who will try to sell their products to you. Some of these unscrupulous webmasters may even use their connection to track down and harass you. If they succeed in doing this, you might then end up with a bad IP address, and you will have no option but to view your browsing history again, in the hope that it will help you find out who is harassing you. This way, IP tracking is actually a problem in itself, which is why IP changing software is a better solution than using anonymous proxies.

When people use these anonymous proxies, they get around the issue of tracking down their visitors’ real locations by mixing their IP addresses with other ones. For instance, some people use a proxy service which mixes their real IP with a fake one in order to trick the internet reader into believing their location is changed. This way, they appear to be on the internet at a different location than they are, but in fact, their real IP is still closely hidden behind another IP. So, instead of finding their location, the visitor is left feeling frustrated because he/she was tricked and cannot access certain sites due to this “routing” technique.

In order to solve this issue, anonymous proxies introduce a completely different approach. Instead of being based on the principle of hiding the IP, they work based on the principle of accountability. If the user wants to remain anonymous while surfing the internet, he/she has to make sure his/her proxy server does not share their IP address with anyone. Based on the technology used, there are now several anonymous proxy servers which refuse to disclose the visitor’s IP address in return for his login details. As a result, webmasters can visit anonymous websites that offer great performance and security. With the added privacy and protection from hackers, users can finally enjoy surfing anonymously and enjoy the numerous benefits that come with it.

So what is so special about anonymous proxies? For the most part, these tools enable individuals to conduct all types of internet activities behind a single VPN account. In other words, an individual can browse the internet, send emails, chat, download and even use banking applications while keeping his identity hidden from everyone. It is indeed a great tool that definitely solves the problem of privacy invasion while surfing the net. In summary, vpn servers allow users to enjoy all the benefits of anonymous browsing by providing a reliable gateway through which they can make their IP address unavailable.